Allison Badell has always been inspired by the magic of the untamed wilderness, so it isn’t surprising that she turned to nature as the canvas for the unique and captivating pieces in this collection. Raised in the mountains of Idaho, surrounded by the beauty of nature, she never lacked for inspiration; her artistic passion was fostered at a very young age and led to pursuits in jewelry, decorating and interior design.

While her life took her many different places, to Los Angeles for interior design, to Portland to create her first successful line of jewelry (while simultaneously completing dual degrees in Behavioral and Organizational Psychology), to Montana to build a decorating company, she never lost her connection to the contemporary Western aesthetic and her passion to share her art with the world.

Gypsy Mountain Skulls was born during a recent moment in Allison’s life when she felt compelled to return physically, emotionally and spiritually to her mountain roots. To go back to the source of her inspiration; to find herself again and feel deeply connected to her soul. Her art is a reflection of that journey and she is deeply grateful to be able to share it with the world.

Peterson_GypsyMountianSkulls -5626_preview.jpg